Upmarket, boutique-style handcrafted cuteness

The Gigging Giraffe was developed to provide you with the most luxurious and exclusive handmade children's wear, adult and home accessories on the market. Our unique designs delight style-makers and discerning consumers with a blend of comfort, quality and convenience.

Our handmade crochet line contains the coziest and most luxurious afghans, blankies and baby clothes. Our children's wear truly reflects the meaning of childhood and combines lasting quality with styles your little trend-setter will love to wear.

Our Digital Art allows you to celebrate life with personalized birth announcements, invitations and notecards.

Handmade art comes from your heart and, because of that, items are more beautiful and so very special. Even more important, they are loved and cherished forever. Giving a gift from your heart to someone who is special to you is not only meaningful, it's wonderful!

We invite you to indulge in our cozy and plush collections for yourself and your little ones. Once you do, we know you'll fall in love with The Giggling Giraffe.

The Giggling Giraffe is a division of Grafik Expressions.